Jürgen Komnick - woodwindinstruments

phone: +49 37422 2664 (better in german language)

Jürgen Komnick at workSince 1994 we do repair work, general overhauling, reconstruction and sale of woodwind instruments in our own master craftsman workshop.
Special constructions designed according to customer specification also belong to the scope of our high quality work. We concentrate on saxophones, clarinets, and flutes of all makes and sizes, drawing from an extensive store of professional knowledge and skills built up over decades in the field.
Methods of galvanic cleansing are employed, followed by exact polishing and varnishing procedures. Galvanic (electroplated) coatings of nickel, silver, or gold improve the instrumentīs aesthetics. My work has involved repairs for customers from all over Europe, to their utmost satisfaction.
Range of products
* Repairs, general overhauling, reconstruction of woodwind instruments (saxophone, clarinet, flute)
* Sale of instruments and accessoires
* Instrument rental
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